Low Back Pain, Injury Rehabilitation, and Poor Posture

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 people (80%) will suffer with low back pain at some point in their lives. One of the most common underlying factors is poor posture, which, over time, weakens the back muscles, and leads to reduced support and stability of the lower back. It is important to get your back pain diagnosed by a back specialist via your GP, or privately by an osteopath, especially if you have referred pain running down your leg (sciatica). Treatment of the symptoms may include manipulation of the spine and /or the surrounding tissue, or even surgery in more severe cases. However, treatment of the cause requires an exercise and flexibility programme designed to improve posture and strengthen the all-important stabilising muscles around the pelvis and lumbar spine. Such a programme of corrective exercise, will reduce the likelihood of repeated episodes of back pain, and is an excellent preventative measure for everyone.

Whether it is back pain you suffer from or any other injury, it is very important that your exercise routines are designed for your individual needs, so that only your tight muscles are stretched and only your weak muscles are strengthened. A programme that fails to distinguish your particular needs may be ineffective or even do you more harm than good.

I have been helping people with back pain and other injuries for over 15 years. It is very rewarding to see a person who, initially, is very anxious about exercising in case they aggravate a long-term back problem, be transformed into a person who can move fluidly and lift heavy objects with confidence and without pain.