“Sean has shown me the correct way to exercise without injury. He has also helped me with rehabilitating injuries incurred from other sports and how to effectively stretch to reduce muscle ache and stiffness. Sean always makes the sessions varied and he is very friendly. He is motivational without being overly dominant. My general fitness and well being have improved significantly as a result of Sean’s training and I now recommend him to all my friends. Sean is a very experienced and extremely well qualified Personal Trainer and I would suggest him as an excellent alternative to the traditional gym membership.”
Deborah Holmes, Life and Business Coach.

“Personal training with Sean has motivated me to live a much healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Sean, I am able to fit regular exercise into my busy life, and I have gained enormous physical and mental benefits. Sean has a knack for adapting his sessions to match my changing needs and energy levels. The content and variety of sessions have kept me motivated and have been instrumental in helping me maintain my fitness and overcome a serious back problem. I have recommended Sean many times in the past and I will continue to do so in the future. ”
James Holbrook, Director.

“I am generally stronger and fitter. Sean is flexible about the type of work and exercises to be undertaken each week. He is friendly, helpful, and adaptable. I would recommend Sean to others and have done so. Personal training with Sean helps me to focus on exercise and fit it into my schedule.”
S. Cooper, Banker.

“I benefit mentally and physically from exercise. I first started training with Sean when I had a back problem. The excellent advice and guidance I have received have been very effective. I would (and do) highly recommend Sean as a professional Personal Trainer to others. The content and variety of sessions are excellent, as is the flexibility of appointments. I am also far more motivated when I train in the gym on my own, thanks to Sean. ”
Mrs P. Benson, Housewife.

“Over the last 5 years, I have received immense physical and mental benefits from Sean’s help and training. He has motivated me through good, and the not-so-good, times. Everyone, I feel, would benefit from a Personal Trainer like Sean. ”
Mrs E. Watts Miller, Retired.

“Sean has improved my sense of well being as much through the physical toning as the weight loss (24lbs) over the last 18 months or so. Overall, I have never felt better. ”
Mr M. Roach, Managing Director, Finance.