Toning Up

If you don’t use your muscles through their full range of motion on a regular basis, they will become weaker and lose their firmness. Under-used muscles lack energy, suppleness and the strength to comfortably carry out certain everyday tasks. Also, a lack of muscle tone can cause poor posture and a general dissatisfaction with body image.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to improve muscle strength and tone. Depending on your needs, the correct exercise programme, performed regularly, can have dramatic results in only a few weeks. If you are already slim, it won’t take long to notice an improvement in body shape and muscle definition. If you need to lose some weight, then the early results show as a firmer figure and inch loss around waist, hips, thighs, etc., as the toned muscles provide better support to your body tissue.

Working with free weights (dumbbells and barbells) to improve muscle tone, I have helped many clients improve their body shape, strength, muscular endurance, ability to play sport, and general functional abilities.