Why Choose Personal Training?

Everybody has their own reasons for deciding they should do more regular exercise. Health reasons, to lose weight, improve fitness, reduce back pain, and improve energy levels are just some of the popular motives I hear in my initial consultation with new clients. Whatever your objectives are, you will need to devote some time, energy, and money towards achieving them. Furthermore, the exercises you do need to be safe, effective, and appropriate for your physical condition and ultimate goals. For example, if you want to improve the strength and tone of your abdominal muscles, you could just do some sit-ups. However, to achieve optimal results, you should be doing a variety of stomach exercises, working through the correct range of motion, at the correct speed, and with proper recruitment of your core stabilising muscles. Through personal training you are much more likely to achieve the results you desire, because you will be doing the right blend of exercises, with the right technique, and at the right intensity.

A personal trainer is a professional exercise specialist. You can expect a personal trainer to have a much greater depth of knowledge and experience than a gym instructor because personal training requires the provision of in-depth care on a one-to-one basis. It is a personal trainer’s responsibility to have gained a range of high-level qualifications which cover the wide range of subjects and issues that are likely to present themselves in the course of his/her service. Also, many personal trainers have good relationships with other related professionals, such as physiotherapists and osteopaths due to the necessity from time to time for client referrals. Such a network is beneficial for all professionals involved as knowledge and experiences are shared, and clients have a reliable source of referral if needed.

On a cautionary note, I would advise anybody seeking a personal trainer to ask plenty of questions before agreeing to employ them. Unfortunately, there is no legal obligation within the fitness industry to be properly qualified. Your personal trainer should be happy to explain their qualifications to you (including the length of study time and depth of knowledge required), be experienced in the areas which will benefit you, and allow you to try a single session before encouraging you to pay for a course of several sessions.